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Our art, collectibles, and auction law attorneys advise clients on a wide array of legal issues facing artists, authors, collectors (both individuals and institutions), dealers, consignors, museums, and auction houses.

Our attorneys frequently draft and negotiate agreements including those regarding:

  • Consignments

  • Private dealer sales

  • Loans to institutions

  • All transactions relating to rare books and ephemera

  • Websites hosting and operating sales and auctions of art and collectibles

  • Sales, gifts, acquisitions, and other dispositions of art and collectibles

Among the other areas of art, collectible, and auction law that our attorneys frequently advise on include: 


  • Dealers’ rights and obligations

  • Auctioneers’ rights and obligations

  • Import and export of art and collectibles

  • Disputes concerning authenticity

  • Disputes concerning provenance

  • Appraisals

  • Copyrights in original works and reproductions

  • Donor restrictions on donated art and collectibles

  • The Visual Artists Rights Act

  • Joint ownership of works

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