Key Industries Served

The lawyers of Moustakas Nelson LLC use their knowledge and experience to provide representation to assess risk, provide strategies, and meet each client’s goals.

The following are a few of the industries which Moustakas Nelson LLC attorneys regularly represent clients:

  • Banking
  • Energy / Renewables
  • Financial Services
  • Food Services
  • Healthcare
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Private Individual Clients
  • Telecommunications
  • Trademark Applicants

Primary Areas of Practice


Our firm offers cost-effective practical and creative advice to companies and their boards, shareholders, and members, on a wide spectrum of corporate law issues.  We work collaboratively with our clients to meet their needs and acutely understand the time-sensitive nature of corporate transactions.  We assist clients ranging from entrepreneurs starting new entities, to assisting existing companies in mergers, acquisitions, purchases, sales, and developing exit strategies. We also provide counsel regarding corporate governance and issues concerning minority shareholders and members. Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating and drafting the agreements necessary to implement these and other transactions.  


Trademarks & Copyrights

In today’s information economy, frequently the most important property owned by a business is its goodwill.  From existing businesses that have built up goodwill over generations to creative startups building from the ground up, it is essential for all organizations to protect their goodwill, brands, and their products and services.  Our attorneys assist clients in the search, application, and filing process of trademarks and copyrights, and post-approval maintenance, to ensure protection of their most valuable business assets.


Information Technology

The world is being reshaped by evolving information technology.  Whether a business is a consumer of information technology or the business is developing cutting-edge applications to disrupt conventional industries, Moustakas Nelson attorneys provide strategic guidance and represent clients across sectors in structuring transactions while protecting the clients’ intellectual property.  We have experience preparing and negotiating information technology agreements of all types including software-as-a-service (SaaS), master, licensing, and consulting agreements.

Estate, Trust, and Fiduciary Litigation

Our estate litigators have substantial experience representing institutions and individuals, both in their fiduciary capacities as executors or trustees, or individual capacity as a beneficiary or caveator, in a wide-array of probate and trust matters.  We assist clients in mounting challenges to wills, trusts, or other testamentary instruments if the execution was the product of undue influence, lack of capacity, or a defect on the face of the document. We also assist clients who have reason to believe that executors and administrators of estates and trustees have not complied with their fiduciary duties, and seek courts to compel formal accountings, have the fiduciary removed from service, and surcharged. 

On the other side, we represent and defend personal representatives of estates involved in will challenges, formal accountings, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, and controversies regarding the administration of estates and trusts.

Employment & Labor

Our attorneys work with business owners, boards, and management to provide an array of services that help protect the business’s vital employment interests while preventing disputes through competent and practical advice and education. Our attorneys have experience crafting and negotiating employment agreements and restrictive covenants, as well as employee handbooks, severance agreements, and employee forms for a variety of industries.



Business Transactional

We represent clients ranging in size from large publicly-traded companies, to multi-owner corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and family and individually owned enterprises on a wide array of business transactions.  Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements of all types, including employment, manufacturing, information technology, licensing, distribution, professional services, purchases/sales of goods and services, and other strategic transactions, in many different industries.  As business persons ourselves, we understand the time sensitive needs of our entrepreneurial clients, and strive to deliver quality, collaborative representation that fits a client’s unique needs and goals.


With abounding federal and state statutes and regulations, every transaction involving healthcare professionals requires finesse, strategic structuring, and a comprehensive understanding of the laws governing the healthcare industry.  Our healthcare attorneys have experience representing individual practitioners, practice groups, institutions, and businesses serving the healthcare industry in an array of transactions, and are intimately familiar with the key statutes and regulations affecting the industry, including the Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS), and New Jersey’s Codey Act, among others.

Business Strategy and Risk Assessment 

No matter its size, complexity, or revenue, every business or non-profit organization needs to minimize its legal liability and risk. We holistically assess the organization, including reviewing its corporate structure, its physical and digital property, the products sold or services provided, analysis of customers, insurance placements, and more. Our attorneys then advise the client on strategies to minimize legal risks so that the business or non-profit can spend less time on its liabilities and instead focus on the growth of the business.


We compassionately represent the needs of individuals when their loved ones do not have the capacity to manage their financial or medical affairs. Our attorneys represent families and other interested parties in cases of developmental disability once a minor turns 18, catastrophic brain injuries, those suffering from debilitating mental illnesses, and the cognitive deficits due to Alzheimer’s or other dementias, in seeking an adjudication of incapacity and the appointment of an guardian of the person and estate/property.  We also represent institutional clients, such as hospitals and long-term care facilities, in applying for guardianships when there are no family members available to serve as guardians.  In the event a guardianship is not necessary, we work to determine appropriate alternatives including powers of attorney and conservatorships.

Banking & Financial Institutions

Our firm regularly represents banks and other lenders in negotiating and preparing loan documents for a variety of real estate based-projects, swaps, asset-based credit facilities, including term loans, lines of credit, and other secured transactions.  In addition, we have experience preparing agreements ancillary to these transactions, including security agreements, guaranty agreements, collateral agreements, intellectual property security agreements, subordination agreements, and lien priority agreements.


Real Estate & Planned Real Estate Communities

Moustakas Nelson’s real estate practice is able to effectively assist clients of all sizes in transactional real estate matters. Specifically, our attorneys have experience in leasing, urban redevelopment, bank and financial institution financing, historic and land preservation tax credits, PILOT, and New Jersey’s state tax incentive programs such as the GROW tax credit program. We frequently represent banks and other lenders in preparation and negotiation of loan documents for transactions with substantial commercial real estate elements.   Additionally, our firm has served as outside counsel to numerous residential condominium and planned community associations.


Food Service and Hospitality

The attorneys at Moustakas Nelson represent a diverse group of clients, including restaurants, hotels, bars/pubs, food producers, food packagers, food distributors, convenience stores, schools, and various liquor licensees.  At the heart of any successful food/hospitality business is the unwavering commitment to excellence. Our attorneys have all previously worked or owned businesses in the hospitality industry and keenly understand the importance of customer service, and always strive to provide exceptional legal services to our clients.

Capital and Financing

The inability to obtain sufficient financing or capital can stop a startup in its tracks and will prevent an established business from expanding to meet its future needs.  Our attorneys regularly guide business across industries with a balance of legal, business, and operational strategies, and the preparation and negotiation of the agreements to obtain the financing or capital to star or grow a business. Our firm also has experience assisting clients in obtaining various federal and state tax incentives, including the New Jersey GROW program and PILOT programs.

Non-Profit Organizations

Moustakas Nelson LLC is dedicated in its representation of non-profit organizations.  Our attorneys have served on the boards of directors of numerous non-profit organizations, and understand the issues non-profits face on a daily basis and how to quickly resolve problems.  As such, we are able to provide practical and knowledgeable counsel on issues facing companies generally, as well as those particular to non-profit organizations, at rates competitive in the non-profit sector.