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Managing Workplace Uncertainties and AnxietyCreated by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

By now, we have all become more conscientious of washing our hands and keeping a “social distance” from others. For those with children, many of you, like me, never considered homeschooling, yet many of us are now starting our days with elementary and middle school math (as if it wasn’t bad enough the first time around). Luckily for me, technology allows me to work almost entirely from home, so the most difficult part of the homeschooling has been convincing my children that I do know what I am talking about (mostly).

Unfortunately for many others, their businesses are being shut down by the government, or restrictions put in place to slow/stop the spread of the Coronavirus have significantly reduced their business operations. Then there are our front line medical and emergency personnel, who must report to work every day and risk exposing themselves and their families to take care of those who are ill.

There are countless other scenarios arising and given that every industry is different and the needs of every employer and employee involve so many variables, it is no wonder that so many are experiencing uncertainty and anxiety. These uncertainties are only compounded by the fact that there is no precedent for any of this, and a significant amount of misinformation circulating on social media.

Understanding what options are available is paramount in decision-making right now. Accordingly, as our current reality continues to change daily, if not hourly, we are monitoring federal and state directives and assistance programs and working on creative solutions to assist our clients in every way we can. Please contact us for further guidance and assistance in navigating these unchartered waters.

By Stephanie Farrell, Esq., Ms. Farrell is an Of Counsel attorney in Moustakas Nelson's employment and litigation departments.

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